EU project: Digital transformation of Metalac Krapina d.o.o.


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The company METALAC KRAPINA d.o.o. with the support of Horus Business consulting has also implemented the project “Digital transformation of Metalac Krapina d.o.o.”

The project was co-financed by the National recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026 – NPOO


Purpose (objective) of the call

The aim of the grant support for the digitisation of business is to enable digitalisation for the purpose of digital transformation of Croatian SMEs by purchasing digital tools and equipment and strengthening digital skills for the development and application of new products, services and processes, which will ultimately result in a strengthening of the market position of companies and productivity growth.


Subject of the call

This call will support SMEs to deploy digital solutions into business through investments in digital tools and equipment to deploy a new way of doing business, i.e. new or significantly improved production processes, service delivery methods or organisational practices, and to strengthen digital skills based on the Digital transformation needs Plan.


Basic Project information

Project title: “Digital transformation of Metalac Krapina d.o.o.”


Duration: 01.12.2022.-01.12.2023.

Project value: 69.015,86 €

EU co-financing: €32,782.53

Expected results of implementation:

The introduction of digital solutions improves 5 business processes

Increased sales revenue



The project “Digital transformation of Metalac Krapina d.o.o.” will invest in the procurement of new ICT solutions, which will enable the company to digitize its business processes and business models.

The project will thus result in strengthening the market position and increasing the company’s productivity by reducing costs and increasing profitability, as well as customer satisfaction itself.

Thus contributing to the strategic objective 11 – the digital transition of society and economy, priority axis 11 “Strengthening the recovery from the crisis …, as well as the National Development Plan and NPOO 2021-2026

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